With so many choices, what if we get it wrong? Pandora Sykes wallows in questions of modern life

There is only so much insight from Pandora Sykes’ book How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? (2020) I can squeeze in an article. It does not have answers, but the author took questions as luxury. A consoling read for any burnt-out millennials and Gen Z alike. An insightful read for media practitioners.

“The progress of humankind depends on us striving for more. Otherwise, we’d all stagnate. But the concept of ‘more’ is something we need to turn inward as much as outward. To accept that gain can involve loss; that to compromise is not the same as being compromised; that sensitivity does not eliminate resilience.”

Sykes, P. (2020). How Do We Know if We’re Doing it Right? Penguin Random House. Kindle Edition.

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