From facilitating social and cultural transformations in the nineteenth century to today’s search for normalcy in a pandemic; New York City restaurants serve timeless reflection of Gotham’s ceaseless burgeoning.

Diners at Local 244 in Mulberry St. Pictures captured by the author.

10 am, some non-English speaking immigrants from Queens and some artists-musicians from Brooklyn rally to board subways; the former anticipates…

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from pexels

“Graphic excellence Is that which gives to the viewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space.” — Edward Tufte

Written March 2021

actual data presenters and seekers alike are challenged as short-form contents now more preferred in mindless scrolling times. This is where comprehending graphs becomes magical. If utilized and understood appropriately, graphs can deliver convoluted stories with ease given that they systematically emphasize notable parts of the data…

Article by Gertrude Abarentos | Edited by Jamie Rebugio | Graphic Design & Illustration by Aimie Winter Idul, Alleya Era & Ezekhyna Naval

As exhausted from the blinking as the line in my empty MS Word document, it was a cold weekend afternoon when I found myself glum and cloaked, holding a warm cup of coffee ever-so-tightly for the comfort of its warmth — it was the closest resemblance I could have to…

This story started on the 11th of July 2021 and will be updated every once in a while as a collection of the author’s favorite things about New York City. She arrived Saturday, 19th of June 2021.

Restroom at Elmhurst Park — Captured 11th July 2021 (Sunday) — NOTE: It’s rare for Filipinos to encounter clean public restrooms, much more aesthetically pleasing ones.

1. The Libby App by Overdrive

24th of June 2021

If humanity wants world peace, Libby can be the…

Article by: Gertrude Abarentos & Jia Delos Reyes Edited by: Jamie Rebugio Graphics by: Aimie Winter Idul Ezekhyna Naval, & Neysa Geocallo

An inquiry regarding Filipino Dialogue

Your group agreed to meet at 3:00 pm for a meeting yet most arrived at 3:15. You know that gift-giving is essential during occasions yet when someone offers you a gift, you’re likely to refuse it twice before accepting or still be surprised. You rarely…

There is only so much insight from Pandora Sykes’ book How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? (2020) I can squeeze in an article. It does not have answers, but the author took questions as luxury. A consoling read for any burnt-out millennials and Gen Z alike. An insightful read for media practitioners.

rom knowing what will exactly bring us joy in the age of Wellness boom & McMindfulness, the problems with modern empathy, to what makes AI influencers captivating, the journalist Pandora Sykes dissects what Phoebe Waller-Bridge delivered in her comedy-drama series Fleabag really meant:

“I want someone to tell me what…

Writing with words is similar to programming, to be good at it and successfully execute a computer program you must learn by its rules (then that’s when you can play with it).

Two most important things: START and always with the reader on your mind.

The following notes are taken…

Gertrude Abarentos

WRITER for UNDERSCORE | Creating something means imagining it and not imagining the world without it. We’re all telling a story, what’s your medium?

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